If you just want to give money…


img_59731In the weeks after Trump’s election, I was initially too stunned and confused to figure out what I should be doing to respond.  But I think my very first Act of Resistance was to set up recurring donations to national organizations that defend the vulnerable. I donate $10 a month to each of the following organizations.  It’s not much, but defending and supporting the watchdogs of civil rights is essential in these perilous times.

The American Civil Liberties Union defends our constitution, civil liberties, and our most vulnerable communities.  And they will send you a nifty membership card if you donate!

The Southern Poverty Law Center has been fighting hate, seeking justice, and teaching tolerance since the 1970’s.  They have been busy since Trump’s election.

The National Immigrant Law Center defends and advances the rights of low-income immigrants.  They need support now more than ever.

I know there are lots of other worthy organizations out there.  I’m still searching for the right environmental group to support.  I’ll update this post when I figure it out.