A Town Hall meeting

On Friday, I went to a Town Hall meeting with Congressman Jared Huffman and State Assemblymember Jim Wood.  Perhaps you were not there.  But that’s okay!  I took notes for you!

Key Takeaway #1: The turnout at this Town Hall was enormous.  Hundreds of people showed up… WAY more than typically come to a Congressional Town Hall meeting in sleepy Ukiah.  Most of the attendees were in their 50’s and 60’s and 70’s, which was disappointing.  (But then, lots of young folks have shown up at the airport protests! So that’s great…)

Key Takeaway #2:  We have reason to be concerned.  Some of the language that the img_59741Congressman used included the following: “Something really dark and dangerous is happening.” This presidential administration is an “absolute anomaly,” and we are in a “very, very dark time.”  There is a “meanness and darkness coming from this Presidency.”

Key Takeaway #3: The chaos we suspect to be simmering under the surface is real.  Congressman Huffman referred to Mr. Trump as a “walking target for impeachment” and said that we should have enormous concern about “collusion with foreign governments.” He also suggested that although the current climate is one of “majoritarian tyranny, there might come a time when my Republican colleagues decide to no longer work with Trump.”

Key Takeaway #4: We must keep resisting, forcefully and politely. Both of these gentlemen emphasized that “having the energy [of all of us] behind them is extremely valuable.” They encouraged us to “get involved and stay involved.”  The most important thing is for us to “reach out.  Call us, write to us, send email. Be civil, be constructive, don’t give up.  Continue to fight the fight.”  And “do not lower yourself to the standard of the President.”

Key Takeaway #5:  It’s good to be Californian.  Although the threat to the California state budget from federal cuts is an honest and significant concern, our state is moving forward nonetheless.  After the meeting, a friend told me that the  meeting made her feel better… more hopeful.  She felt that the people representing her shared her values.  We are lucky, indeed.