Find people to thank. And support a mosque.

Deadline:  February 15. (I’m making this deadline up.  But things are moving so fast, we’ll likely have some new disaster to face in a few weeks.)

Well.  One stunning event after another…  It’s exhausting.  And what to do in liberal northern California?  I decided to thank some people.  And support a mosque.

Our congressional representatives – Congressman Huffman, Senator Feinstein, Senator Harris- have all made public statements condemning Mr. Trump’s Executive Order on Immigrants.  I’ll thank them later on, after the dust has settled.  (And I’m also waiting to see what Feinstein does about Jeff Sessions appointment as Attorney General.  If you haven’t already called her about this, you should.  Here’s the info on that topic.)

So what can I do from my desk and home?  Thank people and a few corporations.


Senator John McCain – for condemning the Muslim Ban, and displaying once again, his moral character.  McCain might be my favorite Republican.

Tech companies- Netflix, Apple, Google – who have spoken out against Trump’s Executive Order on immigrants. I suppose I could email them.  But I decided to send them thank you postcards instead.  Because maybe they don’t get much actual mail.

And then there’s this.  There aren’t many mosques in my rural neighborhood.  Maybe none at all.  But this woman named Joann is collecting cards from throughout the country to bring to her neighborhood mosque in Illinois – one of the largest mosques in the nation.  So I sent one to her, too.  Here it is below, so you can copy it.