Exposing hypocrisy…

This is not a kind act of resistance.  It’s a bit snarky.  But sometimes I feel the need to balance out all the dogged positivity with exposing the craven nature of some of our elected leaders. (And I love an opportunity to use a word like craven!)

So, this is the concept. Before the election, Mike Pence and Speaker Paul Ryan both spoke out against the concept of denying immigrants entry to the United States based on their religion.  But since Trump’s despicable Executive Order, they have changed their tune.  Yes, they have been craven!

The action:  Print this document, pence-ryan-tweets . Cut out the tweet texts, tape or glue them to a postcard, and mail them to Pence and Ryan.  Some folks are writing “hypocrite” on the cards.  (I suppose you could also write “craven”!)

Here’s what they look like: