We need to show up.

I’ve been enjoying this series in the Washington Post about why the Women’s March may be the start of a social movement.  It’s worth a read.

But this paragraph especially caught my attention:

“The march was successfully nonviolent. No arrests were made in these marches. While that is in part because white middle-class women are far less likely to be arrested than black men or women, it does bode well for the potential for this to become a movement. Research shows that disciplined nonviolence helps a movement’s chance for success — and makes it more than twice as likely to succeed as a violent movement.”

My takeaway?

The middle-class ladies need to show up.  We need to show up at the protests in ourlibrarian-sign mom jeans and sensible shoes, with our dorky pink hats and our purses well-stocked with granola bars.  We need to keep making phone calls and leaving voice mails with our calm, civil, no-nonsense, “don’t mess with your mother” voices.  We need to write our pointed but polite postcards and our thank-you notes on flowery stationary.

A good friend has admonished me to stay away from “identity politics” with this blog.  And for the most part, I agree with him.  But let’s be honest… I am indeed one of these white middle-class women that are far less likely to be arrested than a young person, a man, or a member of a minority.  I’ve been struggling to define my role in this movement, but this is what I am discovering.  The mere presence of middle-class women keeps things civil and non-violent.  It’s one of our gifts to this movement. But to share that gift, we need to show up – in person, on the phone, on a postcard, in a Facebook comment.  We need to show up.

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