Evidence of progress… Part 1

tumblr_oks4fdhfww1w4nixho1_500I’ve been encouraged this week by an increasing number of news stories reporting on the resistance and its impact on congressional leaders.  So, to keep our spirits up, here’s a short list of indicators of success!

  1. People are reading the Indivisible Guide.  As a result, some Congressional Republicans are having a hard time.  They have been vociferously opposed on their home turf.  Even in deep red Idaho, protesting constituents are turning up at their Senator’s offices. And some Republicans are revolting over Mr. Trump’s plan to build a wall in Mexico.
  2. Your phone calls are working.  Congressional Democrats are unifying amidst an unprecedented amount of phone calls and advocacy from their constituents.  CNN reports an “avalanche of phone calls is thundering across Capitol Hill.”
  3. Huge companies are speaking out against Trump’s immigration ban.
  4. The postcards are being noticed. Local newspapers in conservative states are starting to cover the postcard phenomenon.  And so are major news outlets.
  5. And just for fun…Obama’s old photographer is posting subtly scathing photos on Instagram.  And the former National Park Service director is speaking out about efforts to quash public expression.
  6. And then there’s this…  Yesterday, the New York Times posted a live video on Facebook of one of their reporters figuring out why he’s getting all these postcards from across the country saying “I am not a reporter and I care about Mr. Trump’s tax returns.” (It’s kind of lengthy, and this blog site won’t let me upload videos, so you’ll have to search for it on Facebook.) Remember that action?  You probably sent one of those postcards.  If you didn’t, you still can! Here are the instructions.

All of this is encouraging.  But I’m hoping it doesn’t spur us resisters to think “oh thank goodness… other people are taking care of this national mess.”  Because the growing evidence of progress – ALL of it- is about huge numbers of people showing up, sending their cards, making their calls.  It’s the collective power that is working – the thousands of drops of water that create a deluge.  And as the activists with experience keep warning us – this is a marathon, not a sprint. Onward!