Contact those who are silent in the face of injustice and discrimination…


Deadline:  February 20.  (Although the sooner, the better.  These folks are meeting with Mr. Trump on Friday, February 10.)

I like consumer activism.  Here’s something easy to do from your home computer.  Or your smartphone, I guess, if you have one.

There are 19 CEOs on Trump’s Business Advisory Council.  A few of them spoke out against Trump’s Muslim ban.  Uber’s CEO even resigned from the Council because of it.

The rest of these CEOs have been silent about the ban. Click here for a list of their email addresses.  I emailed a few of them, and this is what I said:

“I am writing as a concerned citizen and consumer. I am encouraged that so many CEOs have stood up and made public statements against Donald Trump’s unconstitutional Executive Order which effectively bans Muslims from our country.

I am disappointed that you and your company have not made a public statement against the ban. If this is a mistake, or if you plan on making a statement, please let me know. As you know, millions of Americans feel strongly about this. You are in a unique position to stand up for our American values and we hope that you will make a public statement soon.

Best wishes,



And to the ones that did make a statement in opposition to Mr. Trump’s ban, I said this:

“Thank you for speaking up in opposition to Mr. Trump’s discriminatory Executive Order.  Your integrity is noted.”