Thank You Thursday #1

The WordPress blog people are encouraging me to write a “regular feature” – some kind of monthly or weekly post to keep myself engaged.  So, I’m going to post “Thank You Thursdays.”  Because expressing gratitude is good for you.  Here’s my first attempt.

  1. I thanked Republican Senator Susan Collins for opposing unqualified Betsy Devos for Secretary of Education, as well as for speaking out against Steve Bannon on the National Security Council. Here’s the contact info.  I used an old thank you card I had, but a postcard would work just fine, too.
  2. I thanked Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski for opposing unqualified Betsy Devos. Here is her contact info.  (I thanked her on her Facebook page.  But a card or postcard would maybe bring you even more gratitude credit!)
  3. Audi ran a beautiful commercial during the Super Bowl about equal pay for women.  The company is getting a lot of hate in response.  So I thanked them for the ad with a comment on their Facebook page.  (And if, like me, you didn’t actually watch the Superbowl, you can watch the ad here.)