Corporate shaming…

Over 800 companies have pulled their advertising from Breitbart News, an alt-right conservative news site that has promoted white supremacy, misogyny and fake news.  It’s been a remarkable act of corporate shaming.  (Which is a newly discovered vocabulary word for me!)

I’m still kind of undecided about the efficacy and risks of corporate shaming, but until I figure it out for sure, I’m on board with participating in it.  Because what the heck… we’ve not got a lot to lose.

One of the major holdouts on the Breitbart News ban is Amazon.  So folks are sending them postcards and emailing them to express their displeasure.  If you want to email Amazon, here’s the link.  I picked “prime or something else”, and then “non-order question” and then “give Amazon feedback” and then “opportunities for feedback.”

OR, you can be like my little brother, and send Amazon a postcard!