Miscellaneous postcard opportunities..

Apparently, according to this newspaper article in the Washington Post, Congress already has the authority to demand disclosure of Trump’s tax returns.  I do wonder what’s really going on in the shadowy reaches of the federal government.  How come these tax returns haven’t been leaked yet?  Anyhow, I wrote postcards to my Congresspeople asking them to request that the joint Committee on Taxation obtain the tax returns.


I’m also trying to find ways to be active with State issues.   (In my professional work, I’m beginning to see the local impact of an atmosphere of fear and confusion in our immigrant community.  Fills me with fury and indignation, but that’s a story for another post.)  So here’s a postcard to my State Senator, asking him to support SB54, the California Values Act.  I assume he already supports it, but what the heck… I’ve got a lot of postcards in my box of supplies.