Phone calls by Friday

Deadline:  Friday, February 18.

I’m going to give myself a goal to call my MOCs (Members of Congress) about two issues per week. My new “Phone calls by Friday” plan.  So, today I called all three of my Reps and used this script:

“Hi.  My name is Megan and my zip code is 95482.  I’m calling about two issues.  First, I expect you to call for an investigation into Michael Flynn’s inappropriate contact with Russia.  Second, I’d like to thank you for cosponsoring the proposed bill to clarify membership on the National Security Council (HR 804/S291).”

Update as of the evening of 2.13.17:  Mr. Flynn has resigned as of tonight. I’m quite sure my call was the deciding factor!  Thank goodness for me!  And now you only have ONE issue to call about.

Sidenote:  One of the staff people I talked to said that these phone calls are definitely tracked and definitely noticed. And she also noted that those constituents with very different views from mine are also making a lot of calls. Every time I have even a short conversation with the staffers, my sense of “mattering” (and yes, I know mattering isn’t technically a word) is re-affirmed.  So, even though calling is kind of tedious, we must keep doing it anyway. We must keep showing up.

Senator Dianne Feinstein:  415-393-0707

Senator Kamala Harris:  415-355-9041

Congressman Jared Huffman:  671-7449