What to do about Russia…

Goodness. The Russia debacle is just so crazy. I’ve read through dozens of calls to action about this topic and tried to figure out what part I have to play in it. Then I took care of my duty to the Topic of Russia this morning, and now I’m breaking it down for you here.  This post is All About Russia. (Note:  MOC means Member of Congress.)

  1. Phone calls to my MOCs.  I decided not to do this.  All three of my representatives have already issued public statements in support of a special investigation into links between Russia and the Trump Administration.  Senator Feinstein has gone a step further and requested that Attorney General Sessions recuse himself from any Justice Department investigations related to this topic.  (Now here’s my totally unconfirmed suspicion… Feinstein is a crafty lady who has a long history of well-respected work related to foreign affairs and our intelligence agencies.  I think she is setting the stage for something.  She knows stuff.  And she has been very pointed in publicly stating her concern that Sessions may not be independent and fair when it comes to the Trump Administration.  There’s a reason why she’s doing this.)  But all that aside, I figure there’s no point in tying up my MOC phone lines to ask them to do something they are already doing.
  2. Postcards to my MOCs.  I do think, however, it is important to acknowledge that my MOCs are doing the right thing.  This meets my criteria for a postcard.img_60051
  3. Postcards to people who are not my MOCs. Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz is the Chairman in charge of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. It is his job to call for investigations into nefarious dealings. But so far, he has resisted calls to launch an investigation into the ties between President Trump and Russia.  He has set up a phone line specific to comments related to Mr. Trump, but the mailbox was full this morning.  You can try calling it, too.  1 (202) 225-7751, press 2, then press 1. In the meantime, I sent him a postcard.  Here’s the address:Representative Jason Chaffetz, Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, 2157 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington,DC 20515.  I also sent one to Representative Elijah Cummings, at the same address, who is the minority ranking member on the Committee.  Since I’m not a constituent of either of these fellows, I used my Yosemite postcards.  So maybe a staffer can put in on their wall of pretty postcards.img_60061
  4. Email our new Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  This one is easy.  And I think this fellow needs to get used to public activism early on in his new career.  Here’s the link to email him. I chose the subtopic:  Message to the Attorney General. Here’s what I wrote:  “Please immediately appoint a Special Prosecutor to conduct a comprehensive, independent and transparent investigation of the Trump administration’s ties to Russia.  Thank you.”
And that’s it!  Now I’m done with my civic duties related to Russia!  For now, at least.