What do to about Tax Returns…

I just finished filing my own taxes. So I figured now’s the time to do my civic duty related to the President’s refusal to publicly release his tax return information.  Here’s what I’ve done related to this topic:
1) First, my top Favorite Act of Resistance. Sending postcards to news outlets asking them to find and publish Trump’s tax returns. Click here for all the info. I sent these postcards a while ago, but I still like the cleverness of this act.  It’s a fun one.
2) This next act of resistance is another fun one!  Maybe especially fun for me because I have a secret love of filling out forms!  And I also love acts of resistance that are slightly subversive, kind of funny, and that use governmental systems as tools for civic engagement. The IRS has a specific one-page form to report alleged tax law violations by an individual, a business, or both. Form 3949-A.  I’ve filled it out to report potential violations of the Donald J. Trump Foundation.  And I’ve scanned it here as a pdf so that you can print and mail one, too!  Here’s the pdf.  trump-tax-irs-referral-pdf  Just print it, add your name at the bottom if you want to, and mail it off!  Easy!  And fun!  (If the pdf is blurry, or if you just really like filling out forms yourself, here’s a document that tells you exactly what to fill in.  how-to-fill-out-form-3949
3) Postcards to my Members of Congress to thank them for supporting Presidential Tax Transparency legislation.  Senator Feinstein is a co-sponsor of S.26 and Congressman Huffman is a co-sponsor of HR. 305.  I assume Senator Harris is supportive, but she’s not yet on the co-sponsor list.  So, I’m sending them all postcards and this is what I’ve written:  “Hi! I’m from Ukiah. Thank you for publicly supporting the Presidential Tax Transparency bill S.26 (or HR 305)  – disclosure of the three most-recent years of tax returns. I do care about President Trump’s tax returns and conflicts of interest. Thank you.”  If you don’t feel like writing another postcard, you can email: