Influencing propaganda, gaining insight…

I like to influence propaganda.  For me, doing so serves a double purpose.  1) I get to be disruptive in a peaceful, non-violent way.  And being politely disruptive, I believe, is an essential part of the resistance movement. 2) I get to learn more about what my conservative friends and neighbors might think, believe, and read.

So, here are four illuminating ways to be disruptive, influence propaganda, and learn more about those who likely have different viewpoints than your own.

  1. Take a Fox News poll.  It’s interesting.  Takes less than a minute.  Click here for the link.
  2. Take a GOP poll about the President’s first month.  It’s also interesting.  And will also take you less than a minute.  Click here for the link.
  3. And  click here for one last poll about mainstream media.  This one is particularly illuminating.  I had difficulty responding to some of the questions because the language used is so incredibly convoluted… double negatives abound. (Especially Question #14.) Try it!  You’ll be puzzled and amazed. (Note:  If you feel uncomfortable leaving your email address at the end, you can make one up.  Or just stop there.  I used my real email address and so far, have not been added to any random DJT email lists.)
  4. Take this phone-based poll about recent Executive Actions.  Radio stations are playing a commercial about how  “the liberals” are “attacking” Donald Trump, and how “the liberals” are organizing “violent” protests. The commercial requests listeners to call in and let them know if we agree with Donald Trump’s executive actions. It takes about 15 seconds to do it—here’s the number: 800-377-3022. You’ll just be asked to press 1 or 2 for whether you agree or not.


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