Stocking up on supplies…

on Senator Kamala Harris’ desk

Maybe you haven’t started writing postcards yet because… let’s face it… finding postcards to purchase is actually kind of barrier.  And then you might feel, like I do, that maybe you need the postcards to be meaningful, or artsy, or pithy. My advice?  Don’t overthink it.  But you DO need to get yourself a stack of postcards – any postcards. Because you also need to give postcards away to friends who WANT to be resisters but will simply NEVER get it together to find postcards.  So you’ll do it for them.

Here’s where to go:

For super cheap postcards, order from  This website has constant sales on postcards.  (If you can’t find a better coupon code, use ENJOY20 to get 20% off.) You can design your own postcard or modify one of their surprisingly interesting designs.

For pretty and mostly uplifting postcards that you download yourself and print on thick paper, try these at

These ones at are not quite so pretty, but functional and utilitarian and maybe a little aggressive.  Again, you have to be competent with a printer for these.

If you are looking for pricey, interesting, punchy, maybe pretty, and already printed for you, this site has a whole bunch of resistance postcards all ready to go.  At $1 each, they are not cheap. (Although the site seems to have a perennial 40% off sale going on.) But many of them are alluring.

And this last site offers choices for both the DIY-type and the type who just wants the postcards already printed.

So there you go!  So many choices!  And thus, no more excuses!