Thank You Thursday #4

(I’m giving this act a deadline of March 15.  Because by then, I’m quite sure many more scandals will have arisen.)

Our defenders of the First Amendment still deserve our gratitude and support.  So, in case you missed the opportunity at last week’s Thank You Thursday, here’s another chance to thank honorable journalists.

The following news organizations boycotted last week’s White House press event (it was called a “gaggle” – Mirriam Webster explains it) that excluded a handful of well-known news organizations that have published factual, but critical, accounts of the current Administration.

Note: If you want to be especially hip, you could download and print these cool postcards to use for this one.

Script: “Thank you for boycotting the White House Press Briefing last week in solidarity with the barred journalists. Free press is critical to our democracy.”
Time Inc. Headquartersrose-flower-blossom-bloom-39517
225 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10281G
USA Today Headquarters
7950 Jones Branch Drive.
McLean, VA 22108
The Associate Press Headquarters
200 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10281