Making the calls…

Deadline:  Friday, March 24

I’ve been forgetting to call my Members of Congress.  Mostly because they are pretty much doing what I want them to do.  But I’ve been getting a lot of guilt-trippy reminders that those of us lucky enough to be in strong Democratic communities must make our calls anyway.  This is what the guilt-trippers are telling me : “Your stories give blue MoCs a backbone. Your lived experience supports their actions. If you are a progressive or Democrat, please pick up that phone (or visit) and tell them why you, personally, support or oppose issues and how they affect you. Don’t leave them hanging.  If you don’t call with your stories, all they hear are the haters and could cave to them.”

So I called them today, and I said these things.  (And now I’m making you feel guilty, too.  So make the calls!  Feel less guilty!)

Can’t remember the phone numbers for your MOCs?  Click here.

To Congressman Jared Huffman:

“Hi.  I’m calling about two topics today:  1) I am strongly opposed to the Republican plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.  2)  Please advocate for an independent commission to investigate Russian’s influence on Trump, his campaign, and his staff.”

I also spent some time chit-chatting with the friendly fellow who answered the phone.  I said that there sure seems to be a lot of drama going on in D.C. He replied with an emphatic “YES.”  I asked if he is getting a lot of calls.  He replied with an emphatic “YES.”  I asked if most of the callers shared my viewpoint, and he said “yes” (less emphatically), and “but it’s always important to hear from constituents.”

To Senator Dianne Feinstein:

I used pretty much the same script for Senator Feinstein’s staffer. Getting through to her D.C. office is almost impossible, so I called her office in San Francisco.  Nice guy named Zack answered the phone.  He said Feinstein is opposed to the Republican health care plan in its current form and has been advocating for an independent commission on Russia since the very beginning of this debacle.  We also chit-chatted about the Supreme Court nominee.  Zack told me that Feinstein does not tend to announce her position on such events before the hearings are concluded.  Although he politely declined to give me his personal viewpoint on it all, we talked about the strategy of possibly letting this nominee go through without a huge uproar. Is this really the right hill for the Democrats to take their stand on?  I’m not so sure.  I think we might need to keep our powder dry for the possible and looming replacement to 84-year-old Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  

My takeaway?  It’s interesting to chat with the staffers.  

And I’m putting in this photo again, because it is still in my top ten favorite slogans for our times…