Preemptive corporate shaming of automobile manufacturers…

Well.  We hardly got to celebrate our fabulous Affordable Care Act victory before this nutcase federal administration forced us into yet another civil engagement challenge.  We’ve got a reprieve on health care (for the moment)… now it’s time for the environment!

As I’ve stated before, I like consumer activism.  This particular corporate shaming act might not be related to the despicable Executive Order released yesterday. But it addresses fuel efficiency standards that the new EPA chief has indicated he wants to roll back.  Now, I don’t buy new cars much.  Maybe not ever.  But car company CEOs don’t know that.  And scholarly people who study these things say that, at the very least, consumer activism might force a company to examine their values and to ask themselves – what do we stand for as a company? Well sure, I’d love to help car manufacturers figure our their values.

I wrote two postcards today.  And I’ll slowly chip away at them over the course of the week.  Addresses below the photo.  (Although my photo doesn’t show it, I will put an address label on these before I mail them.  One dude who is sending these same postcards noted on Facebook that he’s had a response from General Motors…  Interesting…)

Here’s what to say:

Dear Mr. (Whoever… and they are ALL Misters, except one…) I will not purchase any vehicle that does not meet the fuel efficiency standards set by the Obama administration.  Climate change is real.  Please do your part to stop climate change or I will not support your company.  Thanks very much!

Why the creepy green eyeball?  It’s on a discount postcard I bought for practically free from a strange online postcard company in Guyana.

Toyota: James Lentz, CEO Toyota Motor North American, PO Box 259001, Plano, TX 15025-9001

Honda: Toshiaki Mikoshiba, President & CEO of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., 1919 Torrance Boulevard, Mail Stop: 500 – 2N – 7A ,Torrance, CA 90501-2746

General Motors: Mary Barra Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, General Motors Company, 300 Renaissance Center, Detroit, MI 48243

Volkswagen: Micheal Horn, Chief Executive Officer and President of Volkswagen Group of America, Inc., 2200 Ferdinand Porsche Dr., Herndon, VA 20171

Nissan: Carlos Ghosn Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. One Nissan Way, Franklin, TN 37067

Chrysler/Fiat Sergio Marchionne Chief Executive Officer, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. FCA US LLC, P.O. Box 21-8004, Auburn Hills, MI 48321-8004

Mercedes: Dietmar Exler, 303 Perimeter Center North, Suite 202, Atlanta, GA 30346

Ford: Mark Fields, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ford Motor Co., Ford Motor Company c/o Customer Relationship Center, P.O. Box 6248, Dearborn, MI 48126

BMW: Bernhard Kuhnt, CEO of BMW of North America, 300 Chestnut Ridge Road, Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677-7731

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