Thank You Thursday #10

I’ve been on vacation!  Fallen behind with my resistance work.  So I’m getting back on the bandwagon with a few thank yous.

First, I’m thanking my own State Senator for leading the Presidential Tax Transparency Act, which would require candidates for President wishing to be on the ballot in California to release their tax returns.  Here’s what I said: Thank you for the Presidential Tax Transparency Act. I agree with you that presidential transparency is important and California can help lead the way.  Your actions are appreciated.

Address: Senator Mike McGuire, State Capitol, 1303 10th Street, Room 5061, Sacramento, CA 95814

Next, I sent a postcard to Congressional Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) for his courage, humor, IMG_6075[1]and trolling tweets that make the point.  (I appreciate creative people who swear publicly, especially when it seems in conflict with their usual demeanor.)

Address: Representative Ted Lieu, 5055 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 310, Los Angeles, CA 90036

And finally, I thanked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for defending constitutionally-protected free speech.  I love finding any opportunity to thank a corporation for doing the right thing!

Address: CEO Jack Dorsey, Twitter, 1355 Market Street. Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103