Help save the environment by clogging up the wheels of government!

Tomorrow is the day for the March for Science!


But I can’t go because of other commitments.  Which is unfortunate. So, I’m doing my part for the environment today anyway.

This is my favorite kind of act of resistance!  It’s all about following the rules, but being science.march.poster2kind of subversive, and using the tools of government to preserve American values.  Love it!

Here’s the plan:

  1. Mr. Trump has issued an executive order directing government agencies to “alleviate unnecessary regulatory burdens.”  For the Environmental Protection Agency, this is basically a direction to repeal decades of work that has been done to protect the environment and human health.  Effectively asking the EPA to dismantle itself.  F’ing unbelievable…
  2. But in order to repeal regulations, the EPA has to follow the bureaucratic government process of seeking comments from the public.
  3. Federal agencies are required to read and record every public comment “into the historical record.” Reading and responding to a deluge of carefully crafted public comments takes a lot of time.  Especially if subversive EPA employees are committed to using whatever tools they have to slow down the dismantling of environmental protections.
  4. But what if the EPA craven leadership gets impatient and glosses over the required public comment process?  Environmental lawyers could potentially sue them and thus delay efforts to implement the Executive Order.  Lawsuits take a lot of time.
  5. So this is where all of us resisters come in!  By submitting public comments, we draw attention to this travesty, and hopefully, delay the process of dismantling regulations that matter to the earth.  Impeding the progress of the Trump Agenda is our goal.
  6. Submitting a public comment takes just a moment.  (It’s also fun to read other public comments.  Like this one that is positioned at the top of the page.  This comment is the first thing everyone sees when they get to the link… “If anything needs to be evaluated it is the fact a Climate Change denier is head of EPA. How about supporting things that promote clean air, water etc.  You make up the 1%. Don’t leave the rest of us on a half destroyed planet. Where is your humanity?”
  7. Democracy in action.  Here at this link.  Do your part!
  8. “But wait!” you say… “I am not a scientist!  What do I say in my public comment?” I got some advice from a scientist type who knows these things.  Here is her suggestion.   Modify it a little bit so it doesn’t seem like the exact same thing I said.  (Comment deadline is May 15.)

Comment:  I am writing in opposition to the repeal or weakening of EPA regulations that protect me, my family, future generations, and this planet.  I am opposed to the repeal of the “Waters of the U.S.” rule.  I am opposed to the repeal of the “Clean Power Plan.”  I am opposed to the repeal or weakening of “Fuel Efficiency Standards for Vehicles.”  The stated mission of the EPA, as indicated on the EPA website, is “to protect human health and the environment.”  My specific suggestion (and my demand as a voting citizen of this nation) is that the EPA must refrain from repealing any and all regulations or rules that protect the health of our ecosystems and/or the health of the people living on this planet.