Miscellaneous postcards to State Reps

Woo hoo!  I’ve got a bunch of fun resistance acts coming up!  Some corporate shaming, some good thank yous, some heckling postcards…  I have to get them all organized!  In the meantime, here are some local California issues to dash off.

But before I do… here’s one of my favorite Science March signs.  Just for fun.


Side-stepping to California state issues… I’m sending postcards this week to my representatives at the State level.  These issues would be relevant to all California Assemblymembers and State Senators.

Two issues:

  1. Please support Senate Bill 568, which moves the California primaries earlier in the year so that candidates are compelled to pay attention to us.
  2. Please support a bill to disclose Mr. Trump’s current and past State Income Tax Returns.  We have a right to know if the nation’s President has financial conflicts of interest.

No need to be creative with these ones. Just basic garden-variety, civic duty, corresponding with my elected officials…  Goi ahead and copy my cards exactly!  (Change addresses as needed…)