Thank You Thursday #12

Today’s Thank You goes to a professional football player who appears to be a decent fellow.

The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl this year.  As is tradition, they were invited to the White House to meet the president.  Six of them declined the invitation.  Mr. Alan Branch is one of only a few who publicly stated why he did not attend.  His primary objection to Mr. Trump is his history of misogyny.  Among other things, here’s what he said about his decision to forego the invitation:

“I just felt like I had to say something just because I don’t want my daughters to see me and be like, ‘that’s my dad and he doesn’t believe in women being treated like this,’ because I don’t. I’m very against it and I’d hate for my son, you know, to see me go to the White House and act like it’s okay to do whatever you want if you’re a celebrity.”

Mr. Branch gets a Thank You card for standing up for decency and being true to his values.

Update:  Here’s the address:  Alan Branch, c/o New England Patriots, One Patriot Place, Foxborough, MA  02035


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