Thank You Thursday 6.15.17

The theme of the day is: thanking political leaders for standing up against hate and xenophobia.  (And I get to use my favorite postcards, too…)

During a recent anti-Muslim demonstration in his city, Mayor Adler from Austin, Texas, promoted love, non-violence, and spoke out against discriminatory fear.  He carried a sign that said “Muslims are welcome in my city.”  Mr. Adler merits gratitude for standing up against xenophobia and bigotry.


City of Austin Mayor’s Office
Att: Mayor Steve Adler
P.O Box 1088
Austin, Texas 78767-1088


“Washington, D.C.’s leaders have long recognized that it’s much easier to investigate crimes when witnesses can speak without fear of deportation. A few weeks ago, someone posted flyers all over the city suggesting that there may be federal prosecution of residents in sanctuary cities who don’t report undocumented people. The flyers were fakes, designed to look as though they came from DHS, inaccurately indicating that any contact whatsoever with an undocumented person could be severely punished. This was a stunt clearly meant to terrify all of D.C.’s residents. A spokesperson for ICE called it “dangerous and irresponsible.” D.C police are investigating. D.C.’s mayor Muriel Bowser, who reconfirmed D.C.’s commitment to sanctuary status last fall, took action immediately, tweeting, “Tear it down! DC is a sanctuary city. Clearly the flyer is meant to scare and divide our residents. We won’t stand for it.” (credit: Postcards from Kate)


Mayor Muriel Bowser
Office of the Mayor
John A. Wilson Building
1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW,
Washington, DC 20004