A resistance lull…

I’m in a Resistance Lull.  Calls to action from my various activist groups have slowed, and I’m not feeling super motivated.  But, I was unnerved by news reports that Democratic Senators are saying that constituent activity has slowed to pre-election levels.  That’s not good.   (I think I’ll call my Senator’s offices myself and ask them if this is true….  I’ll let you know what I find out…)

In the meantime, here’s a fun photo of the Rhode Island Teacher of the Year; a depressing letter with insight into conservative spinning of the Resistance; a peaceful meme; and an inspiring news article.

Rhode Island Teacher of the Year added his special flair to his photograph in the Oval Office.   Here’s the photo.  Read the article for the background.trump_ri_teacher_

Depressing letter about the “radical left” written by conservative Congressman to his supporters in northern/central California.


And now a peaceful meme…