No place for violence

booker-postcardLike many, I am appalled by the Congressional Baseball Practice shooting.  But I was also unnerved and disappointed by some of the frankly mean-spirited responses I read from liberal progressives.  A few of those I would naturally think of as “kindred spirits” felt no sympathy for the victims – but rather, some form of moral righteousness about just retribution.  Really?  Have we fallen so low that we can no longer unequivocally express sympathy for those who are victims of violence due to their political beliefs?  Goodness, I hope not.

There is no place for violence in politics or baseball.


Congressman Steve Scalise, 2338 Rayburn HOB, Washington, DC 20515.

Office of Rep. Roger Williams, Attn: Zach Barth, 1323 Longworth HOB, Washington, DC 20515

Tyson Foods, Inc., Attn: Matt Mika, 601 Pennsylvania Ave NW #750S, Washington, DC 20004

US Capitol Police Dept., Attn: Crystal Griner, 119 D St NE, Washington, DC 20510

(Arbitrary deadline:  July 15, 2017)

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