Civility and conspiracy

I suppose the progressive wing has always had its share of crazies.  Maybe I’m just now noticing it more keenly.  Although I’ve always been skeptical of conspiracy theories.  (Disclosure:  I don’t believe the government is trying to poison us via toxic emissions from airplanes. I just don’t.)

yes, this really is an image of a tin foil pussy hat

But the steady rise of increasingly oddball and just-plain-false theories, in our current political environment, is bothering me.  And these “stories” are coming from the progressive left, too.  We liberals don’t get to claim the high ground here.

There are enough not-fake, honestly alarming, verifiable, and dangerous new policies and proposals out there in America right now… we’ve got no need to make them up.  This recent article from the Atlantic is a worthwhile read.  

As a resistor, I feel that we absolutely must maintain integrity, honesty, focus, and above all, civility.

And oh yes!  I’ve opened up the ability to comment on this blog.  Comment away!  Be civil!  Be not crazy!

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