Why isn’t my city on the list?

Governor Jerry Brown – still making me proud by becoming the de-facto leader on climate change for the United States.  Here is his statement today about cities, states, and municipalities moving forward on climate change, in the absence of leadership from the Presidency.


But wait!  Why isn’t my city (Ukiah) on the list of cities “moving forward with our country’s commitment under the Paris Agreement”?  Why, indeed?  I guess I must ask my local elected leaders.  So, I did.  I’m pasting below the text of the email I sent. If your city is not on the list, you can send the same message.  And if your city IS on the list, you get to thank your mayor!  That would be gratifying.

Here’s what I wrote:

Dear Councilmember Name,

I notice that the City of Ukiah has not yet signed on to a commitment to drive down our city’s greenhouse gas emissions consistent with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. I looked for Ukiah on the list of municipalities at “We Are Still In.” (www.wearestillin.com)

I was happy to see City of Fort Bragg on the list, but disappointed that City of Ukiah has not yet joined. Will this issue be addressed by the City Council and Mayor? I hope so.

Please let me know your local plans to combat climate change through upholding the values and goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Thank you!


One thought on “Why isn’t my city on the list?

  1. I plan to add a P.S. to my thank you note: ‘If you want to be a real leader on climate change, you will need to come out against fracking in California and against AB398 (cap and trade), which Californians for a Carbon Tax calls, “a backroom deal which would make cap and trade worse.” I urge you to support a real upgrade of cap and trade like Senate Bill 775.


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