A little bit of this and that…

031-summertimeIt’s summertime!  I’ve been busy working, and relaxing, and a tiny bit of traveling, and not so much resisting.

But I have spent some time, over the past week or two, trying to understand the Republican viewpoint and Trump voters. I haven’t made much progress, but I’m going to continue to chip away at it.

Along those lines, here’s a random assortment of stuff I’ve read and bookmarked.  It doesn’t add up to any specific takeaway.  I’m just cataloging it here.  (Why?  I don’t know yet.)

  1. This op-ed from a conservative writer about various scenarios of how this Presidency will end.  I’m not convinced these scenarios are the only possibilities, but it’s an interesting read.
  2. This long article about how to understand the Trump voter.  It’s a dense read, but worth plowing through.  (Hat tip to my Aunt Nancy for posting it.)
  3. An opinion article from Forbes, written by a self-described “recovering Republican”, about the dangerous floundering that results from a persistent denial of facts. Also long and wordy, but worthwhile.
  4. And as always, I find these online opinion polls about the President and the direction of our country to be illuminating.  I took this poll – adopting a different identity… because… what the heck…


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