The crazy train keeps on going…

I’ve been taking a break from resistance work!  I’ve been on vacation, doing this and that, working a lot at my paid job, too.  And while I’ve been sending no postcards, making no phone calls, taking no polls, and just carrying on with my regular non-resistor life, the craziness just keeps on coming.

It’s time to jump back in.  How to respond to the horror and tragedy of Charlottesville and it’s aftermath?  I’m still pondering it.  As is often the case, figuring out how to be effective from the super-liberal bastion of rural northern California is challenging.  I don’t have any Nazi friends or family members to denounce.  There are no peaceful counter-protests anywhere near me.  My Members of Congress are not validating White Supremacists.  There are no Confederate statues in my town.  What’s an earnest resister to do?

Well, I’m going to donate to this guy.  Christian Picciolini founded an organization, Life After Hate, dedicated to inspiring individuals to a place of compassion and forgiveness – essentially, to abandon the violent extremist hate groups to which they belong.  This non-profit group was the recipient of a grant through the Obama Administration, but their funding was abruptly cut by the Trump Administration back in June.  Life After Hate gets $25 from me today.

And hopefully, I’ll drum up some more ideas for actions in the coming weeks… As usual, hold on to your hats, my friends!  The wheels are coming off this train.  This bumpy ride is getting even bumpier…




One thought on “The crazy train keeps on going…

  1. I think there are ways we can counter the history of white supremacy here. For instance, how do our schools teach the Thanksgiving story? Or what about a movement to place plaques marking places of significance to the Pomo? A Pomo woman I know suggested being on the alert for signs of micro aggression. She described being in Schat’s years ago and noticing they sold Squaw bread. She complained and they changed the name of the bread.


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