Still showing up…

I’ve been distracted by the start of the school year, the photos of Hurricane Harvey devastation, and my new Instant Pot.

But I woke up this weekend feeling pretty infuriated and fired up.  Again and still. I just can’t handle all of this drama and cruelty and callous racism.  I’m enraged, mesmerized, and exhausted by it all.  What’s frustrating me most recently is that I am struggling to find meaningful ways to be a useful ally to vulnerable communities – people of color and/or immigrants.  Right now, I’m particularly angry about the Trump Administration’s probable plan to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

I’ve been waiting for the activist networks to send me some action ideas.  The pickings are pretty slim, though, for those of us lucky enough to be represented by decent MOCs.

All of my MOCs have co-sponsored legislation to protect DACA youth.  (S1615 – the Dream Act, and HR 3591 – The American Hope Act.)  But I’m sending them a postcard in support anyway.  Because even though it sometimes seems futile, we’ve got to keep showing up…



One thought on “Still showing up…

  1. I had a very similar conversation the other day. Although our MOC’s are good, there are people we encounter that say things that in the moment, demand we speak up. Difficult, but it’s what an ally can do. Thank-you again for what you are doing!


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