Instructions for use!

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Well, friends and fans.  I’m taking a break!  Yep.  Although I am still committed to my personal resistance work, I’m not going to be blogging about it for a while.  Until January 1, 2018.  Or somewhere around then. I’ve got a few personal and professional projects that are occupying my mind and time. And I’m … More Hiatus!

Still showing up…

I’ve been distracted by the start of the school year, the photos of Hurricane Harvey devastation, and my new Instant Pot. But I woke up this weekend feeling pretty infuriated and fired up.  Again and still. I just can’t handle all of this drama and cruelty and callous racism.  I’m enraged, mesmerized, and exhausted by … More Still showing up…

Does it matter?

As you know, I like finding little bits of validation for the postcards we send.  Here’s an image that Congressman Adam Schiff posted to his Facebook page last week.  I like this guy.  He manages to be serene, articulate, and direct – all at the same time. Congressman Schiff:  “As you might imagine, I receive … More Does it matter?

Civility and conspiracy

I suppose the progressive wing has always had its share of crazies.  Maybe I’m just now noticing it more keenly.  Although I’ve always been skeptical of conspiracy theories.  (Disclosure:  I don’t believe the government is trying to poison us via toxic emissions from airplanes. I just don’t.) But the steady rise of increasingly oddball and … More Civility and conspiracy