Thank You Thursday 6.15.17

The theme of the day is: thanking political leaders for standing up against hate and xenophobia.  (And I get to use my favorite postcards, too…) During a recent anti-Muslim demonstration in his city, Mayor Adler from Austin, Texas, promoted love, non-violence, and spoke out against discriminatory fear.  He carried a sign that said “Muslims are … More Thank You Thursday 6.15.17

Thank You Thursday #16

Well, today is a grim day.  Mr. Trump’s announcement of his plans to exit the Paris Accord on Climate Change is heartbreaking. And infuriating.  But do NOT give up, fellow Resistors!  We must persist. And thus, today’s Thank You goes to California Governor Jerry Brown.  His commitment to leading the climate change fight gives me … More Thank You Thursday #16

Thank You Thursday #15

Earlier this week, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu gave an incredible speech upon the removal of one of the Confederate memorials in the city of New Orleans.  This speech is beautiful and powerful.  Really amazing.  You must read it.  It’s worth the time. Mayor Landrieu has faced a hate-filled backlash for supporting the removal of … More Thank You Thursday #15

Thank You Thursday #14

Goodness!  It’s been quite a week!  I can hardly keep up with all the craziness…  AND, I’ve been on vacation and also just super busy with life.  So, I neglected to do last week’s Thank You Thursday.  Oh well. Anyhow…  Remember when we wrote postcards to Deputy Attorney General Mr. Rod Rosenstein asking him to … More Thank You Thursday #14

Resist toxic chemicals and corporate greed…

Note:  I wrote this blog post before all the drama with the Comey firing!  Goodness!  The plot thickens!  Since my MOCs are already on the right side of history on that particular topic, here’s something else to do to resist. I’m getting tired of corporate greed. Although I’m not universally frightened of chemicals in general, pesticides … More Resist toxic chemicals and corporate greed…