Stocking up on supplies…

Maybe you haven’t started writing postcards yet because… let’s face it… finding postcards to purchase is actually kind of barrier.  And then you might feel, like I do, that maybe you need the postcards to be meaningful, or artsy, or pithy. My advice?  Don’t overthink it.  But you DO need to get yourself a stack … More Stocking up on supplies…

Update your contacts

I put the phone numbers of my elected officials in my phone for ease of calling. (Yes.  That really is my phone. I know it is an antique.  I am not embarrassed.)

New vocabulary

Figured out just exactly what “gaslighting” means. The word keeps popping up all over the place, and I’d never heard of it until a month or so. This article explains it.    

Instructions for use!

The best way to organize yourself to make use of this blog is to pay attention to the “categories” and “tags” at the bottom of the home page. Like to make phone calls?  Click on the “phone calls” tag. Hate to make phone calls, but have good handwriting?  Click on the “postcards” tag. Want to … More Instructions for use!

You must read this

The Indivisible Guide is essential reading. Key takeaways: Make no mistake.  We are playing defense, not offense. Your supportive Congresspeople and Senators still need you to speak up. We must use the same techniques that the Tea Party did.  They did not have the same agenda or values as we do, but they were effective … More You must read this